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HELP (Health Education and livelihood Promoter) is a not for profit, non-government, non-political organization founded by Prof. Dr Amir Muhammad Khan Jogezai with an aim to add value in the lives of coal miners, and underprivileged people of Balochistan; working with spirit to re-vamp their communal structure by providing basic life facilities like clean water, health and quality education, HELP (Health Education and livelihood Promoter) has a special focus on resolving socio-economic issues of Balochistan province, covering 44% area of the country. Specially, the ones that are directly associated with Survival of life in the rocky deserted land hiding treasures within. Our basic endeavor is to reach out all those impoverished people including mine Laborers and their poor families living in coal mine valleys and facilitate their primary needs in every possible manner. Facts depict, in Balochistan, 99% water reservoirs are contaminated, most of the children are deprived of education because of demolished education system, lack of awareness about different health issue and hospital is the measure cause of women and children high death toll. Whereas, the care-free attitude of authorities towards the problems and issues of province aggravating the situation day by day. Understanding the trouble of people, HELP decided to come forward and help out their people on its own with the limited available resources. We believe, what really matter is our drive to help others while standing next in the sorrows and difficulties of people around us. All these activities are executed by warm support and contribution of kind hearted people who are willing to bring constructive change in the society.